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Agknx Parts Online offers the best OEM replacement parts for outdoor equipment. From the manufacturer, we provide you with genuine parts that fit and extend their life. Keep your device at peak performance.

We specialize in the production of agricultural gearboxes, PTO shafts, sprockets, fluid couplings, worm gear reducers, gears and racks, roller chains, pulleys and pulleys, planetary gearboxes, timing pulleys, collars, etc.

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Agricultural Machinery Parts Flexible PTO Drive Shafts

Agricultural Yoke Clutch Rotor Spline PTO Cross Joint Cardan Shaft

Cardan universal coupling Tractors Pto Shaft

China OEM Heavy Duty Agricultural Complete Pto Shaft

Pto for tractor small hammer mill Crank Shaft

PTO & Agricultural Shafts


Agknx Machine has a large inventory of agricultural drive shafts and parts for quick repair or rebuilding of PTO and agricultural shafts. Common applications for PTO shafts include farm implements, tractors, lawn and lawn equipment, and construction and industrial equipment. We manufacture new and repair traditional North American style PTO shafts as well as European style PTO drive shafts (Germany and Italy). Agknx Machine stocks a full line of parts including quick disconnect yokes, implement yokes, u-joints, safety guards, telescopic shafts and sockets, and complete drive shafts.


Agknx Machine sells and services the following PTO and Ag shaft styles:


North American style European Style
  • Weasler
  • Spicer
  • Bondioli and Pavesi (Italian)
  • Walterscheid (German)

What is a PTO shaft?


The PTO shaft transmits power from the tractor to the PTO power attachment. This enables the tractor to power a variety of tractors, including flail mowers, wood chippers, rotary tillers, excavators and more.

PTO shaft connectors on tractors are not standardized, which can lead to complications when connecting the PTO shaft. For example, some older tractor models have attachment flanges that are closer to the tractor itself, making it difficult to attach and creating a potential safety hazard.


PTO Shaft Safety Tips


The most common PTO-related injuries tend to occur when loose clothing is caught in the shaft.

When operating the power take-off, never reach over the shaft for any reason and avoid wearing loose clothing.

Injuries can occur so quickly that the operator has little time to react, and in some cases even lead to death.


Agricultural Pto Shaft

The PTO drive system is one of the most important components of agricultural machinery. Our inventory includes the following:

Complete shafts for standard and custom applications

Constant speed drive shaft for the smooth operation of the PTO shaft when the application requires it

Cardan shafts are available in a variety of sizes and can be quickly shortened to fit your application length

Bearing mounting shaft for long shaft

Half shafts are usually only used for half of the required replacement

PTO type:

North American designed PTO shaft with square, rectangular or splined telescoping sliding sections.

European-designed PTOs use star, lemon, or triangular profiles to transmit strong and light power.

PTO shafts are available at Extended Life, Standard, and Budget prices.


Balers, Balers, Augers, Combines, Mower Conditioners, Sprayers, Feed Mixers, Harvesters, Fertilizers

Heavy duty PTO shaft

This T4 tiller PTO is made of high quality 20CrMnTi carburized steel and Q345 steel pipe, painted black to increase its durability and withstand high impact, higher torque and high speed.

1-3/8″ connector

The tractor PTO link shaft end has 6 splined shaft ends and the implement end has a circular yoke to mate with 1 3/8″ PTO powered farm equipment or machinery. It is known for its excellent power transfer capabilities.

39″-55″ stretchable length

The PTO Extender features a flexible extension design, Compressed Length: 39″/1000mm, Extended Length: 55″/1400mm. 35Hp, 26Kw and 460Nm of torque at 540rpm; 53Hp, 39Kw, 360Nm at 1000rpm.

Compact transmission structure

The PTO is assembled in a compact structure consisting of a telescopic tube, universal joint, yoke, plastic shroud and protective chain. It allows two speeds on both ends and transfers power into the device.

Simple and fast installation

PTO shaft with splined and rounded end bushings for quick connect tools and tractors. If you want to cut to the right length, please read the instructions carefully, and remember to deburr after cutting.

widely used

PTO shafts provide great power for PTO power attachments, most commonly used in lawn mowers, wood chippers, rotary tillers, rotary tillers, brush cutters, hugh hugs, tractors and more.


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