Agricultural Machinery Parts Flexible PTO Drive Shafts



   Cross journal(mm)   22*54, 23.8*61.3, 27*70, 27*74.6, 30.2*80, 30.2*92, 30.2*106.5, 35*94, 35*106.5 etc
   Type of tube   Triangular tube, Lemon tube, star tube
   Type of yoke   1 3/8” Z6, 1 3/4” Z6, 1 3/8” Z21; 1 3/4” Z 20
   Type of Clutch   Wide angle joint, Shear Bolt Torque Limiter, Friction Torque Limiter,
   Color of surface   Yellow or Black Painting
   The angle of universal joint  <=25°
   Package   Steel shelf or single CTN
   Certificate  CE
   Language of Manual  English, any other language as you require
   Another advantage   Rilsan coating is require

1. Various Series for much different use.
2. You can choose the Tube, CrossJournal, Shield, and Yoke according to your demands.
1. 1. Model Number/Cross Series: T01,T02,T03,T04,T05,T06,T07,T08 and some special cross Journal
2. Dimension/Size: Minimum overall length: 600-1800mm or 27″-60″
3. Working Condition: For Tractors, Trucks, and Agricultural Use
4. Shield Colour: Yellow or black.
5. Material: Steel and Plastic
6. Tube: Triangular, Lemon, Star and Splined
7. Tractor side yoke: 6 or 21 splined push pin yoke
8. Implement side yoke: 6 splined push pin shear bolt type yoke
9. Packing: Standard export
10. Certificate: CE and ISO9001
11. Place of Origin: Ningbo Zhejiang